Bukit Batu Condong | Batu Condong Hill

Enjoying heaven forest under my feet at Bukit Batu Condong

Bukit Batu Condong (BBC) is one of the easy range hill for hikers in Malaysia to enjoy stunning view of heaven forest in the middle of KL city.

Located at Kampung Kemensah, behind Zoo Negara. Its only 15/20 minutes drive from KL city. BBC standing firm at 285m promised you to enjoy the thick green forest just under your feet by only 20 minutes hike to the peak.

I was here to enjoy the high sunlit clouds drifted across a clear blue sky on a huge stone platform on top of the hill. It was our lucky day, the sun shone brilliantly across a clear blue sky by an easy step of hiking trail. To summit, it normally took around 20 to 30 minutes of hiking trail. Its consider an easy hiking trail around Kuala Lumpur with an outstanding 360 degree of view.

**For this view, you have to crawl, walk on your knees or whatever until the edge of the stone. Do not stand, jump or walk normally, the wind flow might kill you down. Taken by : Panasonic Lumix FZ300

Inside my rucksack

I do not prepare much items, clothes, drinks or energy bars to hike this hill since i heard it from my friend, its only take 20 minutes to the top but recommend to bring at least a bottle of mineral water since there are no water sources to the top of the hill unless you plan to divert your hiking journey to the waterfall spot in the middle of the route you hike.

** famous spot for hikers/instagrammers taken their photos on BBC peak. Taken by : Panasonic Lumix FZ300

Tips for hikers

Ascent to the top is easy but at the end of the summit, you have to climb the stone by rope to summit of BBC hill. At this point, few of my team member afraid to climb it and only enjoy the view from the lower peak of BBC hill.

Make sure you follow the same route to descent to the base. During my trip, i found a girl walking alone in the middle of Kemensah Village looking for the base back. Asked her, she told that she had wrongly descent by another route and lead her to the middle of Kemensah village main road.

Sometimes, before you start your hike, there will be a local guy asking for fees to hike BBC. Just pay him how much you want. Treat it as a tips for him in advance. You may need local’s help once you in trouble in their area.

Navigation / route

Kg. Kemensah, behind Zoo Negara. Turn left at Zoo Entrance, there were a road to Kemensah Heights and Kg Kemensah beside Zoo Negara, take this road straight until you found ATV Adventure park. Park your car at ATV Adventure Park parking area at RM 3.00, walk back down heading to Zoo Negara for 5 minutes. The routes to BBC started at your right side. There is a red land route just behind fencing land area. Follow the route straight to the peak, there will be signboard to waterfall in the middle of the route. Just follow signboard !

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