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If you are planning for Mt. Kinabalu trip, you should enjoy this Hill the day before you start your real hiking journey to summit of Mt. Kinabalu. If you fail this hill, you should forget about Mt. Kinabalu. #joke

Sosodikon Hill located nearby Kiram Village where most of Mt. Kinabalu hikers stay for their hiking trip.

Ascent to the peak just take around 20/30 minutes which you can enjoy the view of Kiram Village by the Mountain of Kinabalu. Treat it as your exercise before you start your Kinabalu hike. I promise you, it’s outstanding.

I hiked it one day together with my team before we start our hiking journey of Mt. Kinabalu. The day before, small part of Mt.Kinabalu has been collapsed due to heavy rain and heavy wind affected from thyphoon at Philipines. On that day, we were not confidence on our Mt. Kinabalu trip since all the hikers’ team from 2 weeks before were not allowed to hike to the summit of Mt. Kinabalu due to that heavy rain. So we decided to hike Sosodikon Hill, at least we hiked in Sabah.

It is a green tower surrounded by the long grass where from the base you can see the peak of Sosodikon Hill. All the way to the peak, you just need to hike normally, there are no steep step to the peak. During our hike, the wind flow was quite heavy around 30/40 km/h and a bit raining.

Sosodikon Hill standing at 600m high from sea level. There will be a guard at his post at the base of Sosodikon hill who will collect RM 6.00 from each person to hike this hill. He is guarded by a scary dog which might bite you if you refuse to pay. Since all of us pay for this hiking journey, the dog became so tame to us. #joke

To the peak of Sosodikon hill, you don’t need to worry of losing your track. I am assure you 100% that you will never lose while hiking this hill unless you hike at night.

We enjoy the view on the top of Sosodikon hill, it was very outstanding and nostalgic. Why i said it’s nostalgic? Because when i reached to the peak, i see an old wood bench set up on the peak facing to Mt. Kinabalu. It was built there for hikers to enjoy Mt. Kinabalu from Sosodikon’s peak view.

That time i just wondering that this hill may be famous for lovers to enjoy the green long grass hill, holding hand while sitting in the middle of the bench, vow for their love in front of Mt. Kinabalu. Anyhow, its just my imagination.

We spent only few minutes there just to take some photos of this nostalgic peak since heavy rain seems about to come.

Descent to the base only took 15 minutes. It is very quick journey for us but unforgettable memory. I only frustrated on one thing when i hiked this hill which i hiked with my friends, not lover. So i have no chance to vow my sincerity in front of Mt. Kinabalu on the top of Sosodikon hill. #joke

If you plan your hiking trip to Sabah with your lover, this place is strongly recommended.

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