Broga Hill I Kuala Lumpur

Stay Peace of Mind at Broga Hill

How do you prefer to stay ‘peace of mind’ in the middle of Kuala Lumpur ? Locking yourself at home while enjoying your favorite TV channel ? Walk yourself in the middle of the crowded inside the shopping mall ? Or drive yourself in the city of heavy jammed? Let’s discover Broga Hill, a place for hikers and nature lovers to enjoy their weekend.

Just Outskirt Kuala Lumpur

Its only take half an hour for you to keep yourself out of Kuala Lumpur traffic to enjoy the beauty of nature and experiencing the golden sunset. Broga Hill is one of the finest destination to spend your weekend in Kuala Lumpur city. From Kuala Lumpur, its only take 50 minutes for you to drive to the hill base which located at Semenyih, Selangor. It is one of the most visited hill in Kuala Lumpur for hikers, photographers and sunset hunters especially during weekend. Usually, hikers around Klang Valley came to Broga just for exercise and training purpose. For sunrise hunters and photographers, its strongly recommended to start your hiking early in the morning. Sunrise at Broga Hill is quite outstanding especially by 1st and 2nd peak view.


The trail – easy Hike c/w 360 degree of view

One of the reason for Broga Hill become a famous and most favorable place to treasure apart from its beautiful view is due to its high which only 400m above the sea level. Broga Hill is an easy trail to hike with 360 views on top of the peak. For pro hikers, 20 minutes is enough to the peak while for amateurs and first timers, it may take around 1 to 1 and half hour to reach to the peak of Broga. Anyhow, its always depend on your stamina and mentality.

The trail to the top is all the way ascend up, but its not steep. Its only at the last part of the trail, about 5 minutes to the summit , you have to climb a little bit. For the first part, you just need to walk all the way in the palm tree plantation. Its about 5 minutes of walking before entering rubber tree plantation. Most of the trail to Broga peak is inside the rubber tree plantation. Once you passed rubber tree plantation, there will be a clear land and green grass all the way to the top.

Camping site

Besides, you can enjoy your weekend by camping on the top of Broga Peak. There are few flat spaces suitable for you to open your tent, lay down your ground or set up your fly on the top of Broga Hill. For those who like to enjoy their hammock, Broga hill is not the suitable place. There is no tree for you to tied up your hammock on the top of Broga Hill.


Hikers please remember, Broga Hill is very pack in the weekend. If you wrongly choose your time to hike Broga, you have to line up to the top. Others, hikers are not advised to hike alone at Broga Hill for their own safety reason. Tracks to the top of Broga is well maintained, clean and safe to hike even for the kids. However, few cases of losing from the track even lost for 1 week had happened in Broga. So for those who bring children are recommended to stay close in team during the hiking time to the peak of Broga. 

Almost Costless

You should have not to worry about the cost to Broga Peak. Its only RM 3.00 per entrance per car. Basically for parking fees. 

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