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KL city is well known of its vibrant night life and skyscrapers. Most visitors coming to KL for shopping and enjoying their night life at Changkat, Bukit Bintang and many more places around KL and Selangor but lesser come here to enjoy the adventurous of KL nature which actually lots of adventurous and nature places to discover like camping at Kemensah Waterfall & Janda Baik, Hiking at Broga Hill, Tabur Hill, Batu Condong Hill and Skytrek at Taman Botani. All of these adventurous activities nature places are located nearby the heart of KL City.

ATV Adventure Park Video Footage

Another adventurous activities to do in KL once you arrived here is ATV ride. There are few ATV park in KL city and one of the park that i had visited is ATV Adventure Park located at Kemensah. Kemensah located at Ampang, Kuala Lumpur behind Zoo Negara. Originally, Kemensah is a village of mostly Malay people in Ampang. There are few of stalls and waterfalls in Kemensah and mostly visitor come here for camping and enjoying their weekend at waterfall.



From KL, reaching Zoo Negara is about 20 minutes drive and another 20-30 minutes drive to ATV Adventure park. From Zoo Negara, you had to drive a bit deeper passing by Kemensah village. There are signboard of ATV Adventure Park from the beginning of the road up to car park area of ATV Adventure Park. Car park provided just in front of ATV Adventure Park and the charges is RM 3.00 per entrance.



There are few packages offered to ride ATV in here from 1 hour to 4 hours riding packages. For beginner, 1 hour to 1 and half hour packages are recommended due to the difficulty of the road and self endurance. Basic packages for beginner offered at RM 100 – RM 150 per person for 1 to 1 and half hour of riding. You can discover their website for more package offered at



The difficulty is depend on the packages you choose. The longer you ride will be more adventurous of ride and trails. Last visit, me and my team choose medium difficulty package which is 2 hours of ride. The trail is leading to Sofea Jane waterfall, 1 hour to the waterfall and another 1 hour back to the station.

At Sofea Jane Waterfall, we were allowed to take a quick bath enjoying the coldness of the waterfall after long journey and sweaty ride. The trail we ride was 80% muddy to the waterfall. It is dirt road which only accessed by ATV and few hikers.

Anyway, the green view is stunning and it was totally adventurous. We had to ride our ATV passing under dead tree, riding up to the hill of slippery muddy track which the most challenges track. To climb up the hill, we had to wait 1 by 1 to climb to avoid the front ATV gliding back down hitting us at the back.

The most interesting is when we has to glide down from the slippery hill track. This time we only has to focus on our brake and handle while the ATV glide down by it self. The collision happen between us especially when gliding down from the hill but it was adventurous and FUN.


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