Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

Volcano hike plan

I planned my trip to Bali just because of this Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking. Out of a lot of interesting and beautiful places in Bali, this mountain was really calling me. I dream to enjoy this Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking while having my breakfast on top of Mount Batur’s Peak, and its came true. It was on the second day i reached Bali. At first, its a bit difficult for me to arrange my trip to hike this mountain due to the cost since i was alone. I read few blogs and contact few guiders asking about the cost and mostly they quote me quite expensive and totally different from what i read in blogs. So i decided to look for somebody who willing to be my hiking buddy on that day, and yes i found a team. Finally 8 of us were hiking this Mount Batur together and i found them through Facebook backpackers group. I ended up as a team leader and an organizer for all of them to hike Mount Batur.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Footage

Mount Batur’s Guider and costs

I contacted few guiders to lead us to Mount batur and mostly quoted me around IDR 600000 to 900000 per person. I still found its expensive for 2 hours hike and yes, luckily the hostel that i stayed which was Bali Back Packers Inn and Hostel in Ubud was also organizing Mount Batur trip and it was only IDR 350000 per person, included breakfast.

We had agreed to follow this guider and they pick us up at 2.00am from our hostel. Since most of us is staying in different places, the driver come pick us up one by one and ended reaching my place at 3.00am to pick me up. Its a bit tide which i heard its took almost 2 hours to reach the base of Mount Batur and we only has 2 hours to hike in order to see the sunrise. At that time, we were so frustrated and kept thinking that we wont able to reached the peak before the sunrise.

 Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

The Trekking Begin

Anyway, the road was clear early in the morning and we reached there at 4.00am. We drop at a stall for our breakfast provided by the driver and he drove us to the base where we me the guider. There were 2 local guiders waiting for us at the base. The base of Mount Batur is at Toyabungkah Village. The guider brief us on the rules and the track before we started our journey to the peak at 4.15 am. There are around 100 of hikers at the base and all of them were started their journey at the same time with us which earlier part, we have to walk slowly and queuing to the peak.

It was dark and a headlamp is a must. Anyway, i did not brought my own headlamp to Bali, but the guiders had provided a torchlight for each of us. We walked slowly and earlier part was easy. Anyway the track is a bit slippery by the black sand from the volcano.

We stopped by a few checkpoint before we reached to the top and the sky was brighter which makes us wonder either we manage to the peak before the sunrise or not. Half way to the peak, they were an old local woman and a local man were selling banana and drinks. As expected, its a bit expensive on the mountain. I bought one banana for my energy and one for the monkeys on top of the mountain and continue our journey to the top.


The Summit of Mount Batur

Its sharp 2 hours from the base, we finally reached the top of Mount Batur. There was first peak where we stop for a rest and continue another 15 minutes to the second peak (highest peak) of Mount Batur.

Mount Agong View


The view from Mount Batur was totally outstanding. The sun arise just behind Mount Agung, located in front of Mount Batur. I had no other thing to do other than setup my Pansonic Lumix FZ300 which i carried from the base and recorded the moment which i wont ever forget.

Spending around 2 hours at the peak, recording the moment of the sunrise and monkeys on the peak, we decided to descend to the base. This time the sky was clear and we heading down to the base.

Not forgetten, i wrote few blogs of Mount Batur from other hikers, most of them were sharing that they were continue their journey to the hotspring and coffee luwak plantation right after Mount Batur. For us, our trip were not included and that was the reason why our trip were cheaper than others.

Anyway, on our way back to hostel, the driver had offered us to the hotspring but most of us decided to go back to hostel since all of us were tired and really need to sleep.

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