Mount Phousi at Luang Prabang

Mount Phousi at Luang Prabang

Carrying the name of a mount, actually Mount Phousi at Luang Prabang is a most visited and popular hill in the middle of Luang Prabang city. Standing at 150m above the center of Luang Prabang’s town, Mount Phousi attracted visitors to hike to the top for the sunrise view and Luang Prabang city view. There are a lot of tourist and local visitors to Mount Phousi especially at evening time. Most of them are climbing for sunrise view and for pray at the temples on top of Mount Phousi. Some local people also climb for exercise since it is not that hard to climb.

Mount Phousi is famous as a place to watch a beautiful golden sunrise set over Mekong river. It is one of attraction places in Luang Prabang. To the top of Mount Phousi, its only take less than half an hour climbing a proper staircase.

Stair heading to the summit of Mount Phousi

Surrounding are the shading trees and the temples.  From summit view are Luang Prabang city, temples, mekong river and night market. Located just nearby the night market, tourist mostly spending their time at the market to shop and walk around right after descend from Mount Phousi.

Mount Phousi is one of a must place to visit once reached Luang Prabang.






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