Nong Khiaw Laos

My Journey at Nong Khiaw

When i am talking about Nong Khiaw at Laos the first thing potrayed in my mind is the peaceful village by Nam Ou river surrounded by the mountains. The village is free from the hustle and bustle of city life, peaceful and quite. The atmosphere is so calm, full of greenery with cold breeze. I fall in love with this village on my first step to this land. It is a perfect place for someone who looking for a harmony life with nature.

Nam Ao river

I went here in few months ago by land from Luang Prabang. Me and another 2 friends took a van to Nong Khiaw early in the morning from Luang Prabang and its took around 3 hours to reach this beautiful place. There is not much to see on our way to Nong Khiaw other than the green sceneries and the mountains. We passed by few villages to reached Nong Khiaw bus station. Its just a small bus station in a middle of a small town. To reach the chalet places, we walked about 5km from the bus station.

View from the top of Viewpoint mountain

People in Nong Khiaw are very nice and friendly even majority of them can’t speak english. The way they smile and greet us make us feel like we are on the way back to our hometown.

Hut on the peak of Long Khiaw

About the foods, there are many stalls around the bus station and by the roadside to chalet. At night there is more restaurant open nearby the chalet area. Anyhow, i can’t comment so much on the food because i am muslim and in here most of the foods are non-halal to us. We were well prepared about that and brought our own food while travelling in Nong Khiaw. Anyway, there is a stall called Chenai Restaurant owned by an Indian expatriate serving halal food in Nong Khiaw. It was really great for us to enjoy indian food in Nong Khiaw instead of eating pack food for 3 days which we brought from Malaysia.

Chalet is quite nice just beside the Nam Ou river and the price is so reasonable. We took 1 big chalet with 2 beds for 3 of us. The chalet just beside the Nam Ou river with a mountain view balcony. They did serve food at night but they close at early mid night. There is no entertainment in Nong Khiaw at night other than the sound of the river and insects from the jungle.

Kids at Non Khiaw


Historically, Nong Khiaw is one of the most bombed place in Laos during the war. To the View Point, there will be a signboard at the entrance before started to hike the mountain. Its written ” Unexploded bombs still in this area ” . Its remind all the hikers to stay on track while hiking the Viewpoint.

Viewpoint is one of the mountain which i like the most in Nong Khiaw especially the view from the top the mountain. Its worth it to enjoy 360 degree view of green mountains, Nam Ao river and the small village from the top by only 30 minutes of hiking to the peak of the mountain. There are few peak to hike in here anyhow Viewpoint is the most popular peak to hike with a great view of Nong Khiaw.



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